All About the OPPO A15s Series


The Oppo A15 is the perfect companion for anyone looking to buy the latest in smartphone technology. If you’re an avid traveller then the OPPO A series could be the perfect phone for you. Powered by the MediaTek Helio P35 chip, the Oppo A series packs a powerful punch with its octa-core processor and generous 5.5-inch Full HD+ screen. The power powering this beast is its large 3000 mAH battery that will give you up to seven hours of battery life in a single charge. To add to the power, the Oppo A series features the advanced Sailormade Connect application which allows you to manage all your music and camera needs from one central location. oppo a15s

For fashion freaks the OPPO A series features the advanced Helio Purity rear camera. This is the same camera that was used on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. To enhance clarity and reduce the chance of eye fatigue the camera has a very high Contrast ratio. With a large pixel size the OPPO A series camera takes excellent pictures and videos. The OPPO A series also features a wide shooting lens with a focal length of eighteen inches so getting that perfect shot will be a cinch no matter where you are.

For those that need a good sound quality then the Oppo A15S might just be what you are looking for. At only a modest price of $400 the Oppo A15S might seem to be nothing more than a poor man’s cell phone but it packs in a ton of power. The Oppo A15S features two front facing speakers, a built in sound card, a micro SD reader, dual camera support and a high resolution screen. In addition the Oppo A15S has an astounding battery life of up to six hours so you can make it through that important business meeting or that final exam. However, if you want to get more battery life then you should take the A series in conjunction with the Oppo A20s which has two low voltage detectors. This dual voltage detector reduces power usage and extends battery life.

One of the highlights of the Oppo A series is its ability to use applications such as Google Maps. The Google Maps application enables you to view locations, traffic conditions, and images of your destination. To enjoy the Google functionality you should download the Google Map application from the Google Android Market. Downloading the application may result in lower storage space but if you use this image then you will not have any issues with downloading maps.

A micro SD reader is also provided by the Oppo A15S for making photos. The OPPO A series has a total of two slots for expanding memory capacity. The OPPO A series also has a special feature which makes every photo a lovely printed picture with the aid of infrared technology. This special feature makes every photo an excellent photographic representation and provides a rich digital format of the same.

There are several other notable features of the Oppo A series but one of the most important is the built in fingerprint sensor. You can make all the necessary calls and even browse the internet while using the OPPO A series without having to take out your mobile phone. For people who are on the move, the OPPO A series helps you to accomplish your tasks and make your trip hassle free.

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